RSM Poland


After Hours

On 29 July 2019, the Poznań RSM Poland team had an unusual encounter: the office was visited by a ball python owned by Agnieszka, our Office Assistant.

9th June is the Accountant’s Day. Thus, on Monday morning we treated our Accounting Departments to a sweet little surprise.

During the special time of celebrating the Women’s and Men’s Day, our offices were filled with some exceptionally sweet atmosphere.

​The magical atmosphere of Christmas makes us wait for this special time impatiently. For this very occasion, we gather each year in Poznań, Warsaw and Szczecin to celebrate this time of the year with our colleagues.

RSM wants to be sure that the entire crew is full of energy throughout this hectic pre-Christmas time. We have approached the assigned task fully motivated, as we always do (it was a perfect training before the Christmas Eve supper).

Where there is coffee, there is fun! We love good coffee and its aroma, which one can smell around the whole office. We also like it most when our employees praise it. Once again, we are organising the Coffee Festival in order to provide everyone with an opportunity to stimulate thier taste buds. We will taste various kinds of coffee for 6 days and vote for them so that the three most popular kinds of coffee could remain in our coffee machines permanently.

Recently our Tax Department has been hosted by Kitchen Studio, taking part in cooking classes, where, divided into teams, they prepared some meals under the guidance of a professional chef.

After the last year’s undeniably successful event of the RSM European Football Tournament held in Torino, the time has come for some more football competition, this time in the Netherlands. Like last year, RSM Poland entered two football teams into the tournament, one female and one male. Apart from participating in the competition, our contestants had an opportunity to walk down the beautiful streets and enjoy a barge cruise.

On Thursday some of our employees attending German classes took part in an internal contest testing their knowledge of the language. The game was fun, as the contest’s formula resembled that of a TV quiz show – fierce competition combined with humour and joyful atmosphere.

This year’s network integration event, that is RSM World Day 2018, is already behind us. As in the previous years, it was great!