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Transaction advisory

Before you decide to purchase a different enterprise the process needs to be negotiated internally within your company (you think of the opportunities of your prospective business, who is going to manage it, what control measures to apply, what changes need to be introduced, how to change old structures etc.), as well as negotiated with the seller (the price, terms of payment, measures to protect you against risk of unfair or illegal actions on the seller's side etc.).

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When purchasing an enterprise your primary focus is on the company's future role in your business, within your organisational structures; you assess possible synergy, risks and potential. Your focus is on the business aspects, because you know your company and your market best of all.

You try to establish a reasonable price that you are willing to pay for the acquired company, what synergy effects may be achieved thanks to such purchase, what savings, financial and marketing benefits etc.

As your transaction partner, we are ready to support you at every stage with the long-term experience gained while participating in  company purchase, sale and merger projects, both in Poland and abroad.

Our Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) Team is at your disposal.

  • We perform due diligence in the finance, tax and legal field;
  • In cooperation with external professionals we perform due diligence in IT, HR, environmental protection and technology;
  • We provide company valuation;
  • We optimise tax-wise transactions of company acquisition;
  • We assist you in the negotiation process;
  • We prepare the transaction's legal documentation;
  • We perform vendor due diligence;
  • If the acquired company is operating also abroad (or only abroad), we cooperate with RSM firms located in the relevant country, coordinate the work of teams in various locations and remain your primary contact in the process.




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